About Us

OptikoCodes is a website dedicated to help people search for answers to their programming questions.
With a modern and interactive design, users can easily navigate our website to browse the posts made by other users.
The main feature on our website is that we allow users to upload videos as a response to questions others ask to
help aid those who are more of the visual learning type. We believe that by allowing this feature, users will be better
able to understand the answers to their questions, without the hassle of trying to debug someone else's comment.

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James Spicer

James Spicer has a bachelor of the arts degree in psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio, class 2019. He has been awarded a certificate of completion from Codeup for full-stack web development, Fortuna Cohort 2020. James worked on the data-based design, Filestack API, user functionality, and search functionality for this project.

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Siniša Tešić

With an academic background in communications and professional background in SaaS environments, Sini is keen on further developing his tool-kit as a developer. Graduating in the Fortuna cohort in full-stack web development, he's eager to contribute to advancing technologies. Sini worked on the Spring models, repositories, as well as the front-end components.

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Carlos Teller

Carlos Teller has an associate of applied science in computer programming from San Antonio College as well as an associate of science in computer programming from Northwest Vista College. Part of the Fortuna 2020 cohort for full-stack web development at Codeup. Carlos worked on the base CRUD functionality for posts, video responses and comments for this project.